Soumya Prakash Pradhan

After Apple, Google has introduced its ‘Car Crash Detection’ feature for Pixel phones in India.

This safety feature can be a lifesaver in case of a car accident. Previously, it was available only in the United States, but now it is accessible in India as well.

Google's car crash detection works similarly to Apple's feature for iPhones, and they are extending this support to select Android phones.

As the name suggests, car crash detection uses the sensors on your Android phone to send out an alert if you are ever in an accident.

A tipster named Mishaal Rahman revealed this information on an X platform, stating, "The Pixel's car crash detection feature is now available in 5 new countries, including Austria, Belgium, India, Portugal, and Switzerland."

Google updated its support page this month to include these countries. Several users in India have confirmed that they can now enable this feature as per the report.

So, let's learn how Google's car crash detection for Android works:

To use this feature, you will need to enable it on your Android phone because Google does not turn it on by default.

  1. Go to your phone's settings and scroll down to 'Safety and Emergency.' Tap on it.
  2. Look for the 'Car Crash Detection' option and enable it.

Once you have activated the feature, it can detect potential accidents and alert emergency services, ensuring help arrives in case of a mishap, according to Google's official report.