Tech giant Google has introduced its own video-generating AI titled 'Imagen Video' that would compete with Meta's 'Make-A-Video' offering.

'Imagen Video' is a text-conditional video generation system based on a cascade of video diffusion models.

According to a Google paper, given a text prompt, 'Imagen Video' generates high-definition videos using a base video generation model and a sequence of interleaved spatial and temporal video super-resolution models.

Google said that Imagen Video is not only capable of generating videos of high fidelity but also having a high degree of controllability and world knowledge, including the ability to generate diverse videos and text animations in various artistic styles and with 3D object understanding.

According to Google, Imagen Video is a step toward a system with a high degree of controllability and awareness of the world, as well as the capacity to produce video in a variety of aesthetic genres.

'Imagen Video' consists of 7 sub-models which perform text-conditional video generation, spatial super-resolution, and temporal super-resolution.

With the entire cascade, Imagen Video generates high definition 1280x768 videos at 24 frames per second, for 128 frames -- approximately 126 million pixels, according to the company.