Soumya Prakash Pradhan

When it comes to selecting a smartphone, it is crucial to consider your budget and personal preferences.

Here are the comparisons of two popular options in the India market, the Galaxy A14 and the Galaxy M14 5G.

Both devices offer impressive features and capabilities, ensuring a satisfying smartphone experience.


Both the Galaxy A14 and the Galaxy M14 5G feature a captivating 6.6-inch FHD LCD display.

Whether you are streaming TV shows, browsing the web, or gaming, you can expect vibrant colors and sharp details on both smartphones' screens.


The Galaxy A14 boasts the Exynos 850 octa-core 2GHz processor, while the Galaxy M14 5G takes it a step further with the Exynos 1330 octa-core 2.4GHz 5nm processor. 

These powerful processors ensure smooth multitasking, efficient app performance, and an overall snappy user experience. 

Whether you are browsing social media, editing photos, or running demanding applications, both devices are up to the task.

RAM and Storage

When it comes to RAM and storage, the Galaxy A14 and the Galaxy M14 5G offer identical options.

Both smartphones come with generous 128GB of storage capacity, providing ample space for your apps, photos, and media. 

However, it's worth noting that the Galaxy A14 also offers a variant with 64GB storage capacity, which might be an appealing choice for those with more budget constraints.


The Galaxy A14 and the Galaxy M14 5G share similar specifications.

Both smartphones feature a rear camera setup with a 50MP main lens, accompanied by two depth and macro lenses of 2MP each.

Whether you're capturing stunning landscapes or taking detailed close-up shots, these devices have got you covered.

On the front, both smartphones sport a 13MP camera, ensuring impressive selfies and high-quality video calls.


Both the Galaxy A14 and the Galaxy M14 5G offer some noteworthy features.

These include a side fingerprint sensor for convenient and secure unlocking, as well as facial recognition technology for an added layer of biometric security.

With these features, accessing your smartphone becomes effortless and your data remains well-protected.

Price in India

Let's take a look at the pricing of these smartphones in the Indian market.

The Galaxy A14 is priced at Rs. 13,999, while the Galaxy M14 5G starts at Rs. 13,990.

These prices represent the starting point for both devices, making them accessible choices for consumers in India.

In this comparison of the two smartphones, it's important to note that user preferences and budget play a significant role in selecting the ideal device.