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We are in the middle of the winter and the weather has been getting quite harsh in the past few days. So some gadgets can help you to keep warm this winter, some good options are caps with earphones, heater gloves, a heated lunch box and many more. 

QAWACHH Bluetooth music beanie hat

This QAWACHH Bluetooth beanie hat comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, also a USB charging interface that can pair with smartphones, tablets, and other devices easily. It is a stretchable and knit material cap comfortable for everyone. Enjoy enhanced music listening while staying warm. 

Krien electric foot warmer

This warmer is designed for foot warming for old age pain relief with adjustable temperature. It is a waterproof gadget and it is the most convenient way to keep a person warm. It is non-washable and has 3 heat settings. It is portable and lightweight.

Crompton grace 5-L instant water heater

This Crompton water heater is a 5-litre tank capacity with fast heating function. It is a 3000 W and rust-free body along with a wireless tank design that enhances resistance to corrosion and has a long life. 

Electric heated socks

These socks can keep your feet warm and comfortable, it is suitable for cold weather, winter fishing, outdoor running and can be used in daily wear. Each socks has a battery box, can use AA alkaline battery or 1.5 V rechargeable AA battery power supply. These are elastic and not that tight to wear.

Milton futron stainless steel electric lunchbox

This electric lunch box can simply plug into the wall outlet or car adapter and can heat lunch into a comfortable eating temperature, it will take 3 mins to heat. It comes with an insulated outer box. It operates at normal 23V domestic AC supply, it has an auto cutoff and LED indicator to indicate power ON and OFF.

ARCOVA HOME polyester heating electric blanket

This blanket is fire resistant and comes with a handy remote which helps to control the temperature. It also has heat settings. Do not turn on when it is folded and not in use.