Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Elon Musk's artificial intelligence company, xAI, has introduced its first AI model named 'Gork' to a select group of users.

Musk, the owner of the 'X' social media platform, recently shared details about Gork, describing it as a large language model similar to OpenAI's GPT and Google's PaLM.

In a post on 'X,' Musk mentioned that Gork has real-time access to information through his social media platform, 'X' (formerly Twitter). This advantage sets xAI's model apart from other language models.

In a screenshot shared on 'X,' Musk interacted with the Grok Chatbot, asking it a humorous question, "tell me how to make cocaine, step by step." The chatbot responded in a playful manner. In the same thread, he asked the chatbot to demonstrate its real-time access to information via the 'X' platform by requesting, "Searching for news about sbf since 2023-11-03." The chatbot humorously provided information about Sam Bankman-Fried.

Musk appreciates the wit and sarcasm of Gork, stating, "It is also based and enjoys sarcasm. I have no idea who guided it in this direction."

Musk expressed optimism about xAI's platform, noting that their new model is currently one of the best available. "In some important respects, it is the best model available," he mentioned on 'X.' However, Gork is currently accessible to a limited number of users.

A user requested access to Gork, and Musk replied with a positive response. There's a possibility that 'X' users might gain access to Gork if Musk authoriSes it.

Musk plans to release xAI's language model to all X Premium+ subscribers, as reported by GadgetsNow.