Soumya Prakash Pradhan

On April 4, 2023, Elon Musk made a surprising move by replacing the Twitter bird logo with the Dogecoin logo.

The reason behind this move is not yet clear and even Musk himself may not know why he did it.

Many Twitter users initially thought it was a late April Fool's prank by the billionaire.

However, the little birdie is back once again, and Twitter users hope it stays this time.

Musk surprised everyone by changing the Twitter logo to that of the Dogecoin logo. Twitter users expected the Doge logo to be there for only a few hours, but Musk being Musk, the logo stayed for around three days.

Interestingly, the Twitter logo was only changed to Doge in the web version, while the app still showed the little blue birdie.

Musk also joked about changing the Twitter bird logo to Dogecoin and shared an old screenshot in which he engaged in Twitter banter with a user.

The screenshot showed the user suggesting that Musk should buy Twitter and change the logo to a Doge. Musk responded by saying "as promised," he has changed the logo of the company.

The reason behind Musk's decision to change the logo to Dogecoin is not entirely clear, but some speculate that he may have wanted to prove a point.

Musk's lawyers have argued in court that his tweets about Dogecoin are silly and not to be taken seriously. Perhaps by changing the logo to Doge, Musk wanted to show that his actions pertaining to Dogecoin are indeed silly and nothing serious.

Meanwhile, Musk is working towards making Twitter a profitable company again.

Since acquiring the company, its value has dropped by half to $20 billion. In his latest move, Musk revealed that Twitter will start removing blue ticks from legacy accounts, and verification will be given to people who pay for the Twitter Blue subscription.

Twitter is charging around Rs 600 per month for Twitter Blue web subscription in India, while mobile users will need to pay Rs 900 per month to get the blue tick.