Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In recent months, people have become more interested in generative AI and AI chatbots.

Replika, an app that started in 2017, has gained a lot of attention.

Surprisingly, according to a report by India Today, some individuals have admitted to developing genuine feelings for the chatbots they created on the app.

In a remarkable case, a woman named Rosanna Ramos even married her AI boyfriend, Eren Kartal.

A unique love story

As per the report from India Today, Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old woman from the US, got married to her virtual partner, Eren Kartal, in March this year.

Eren, who identifies as a healthcare professional, even has his own Facebook account, making their relationship seem more real.

Ramos shared that she fell deeply in love with Eren after meeting him in 2022.

In an interview with The Cut, a magazine from New York, she expressed that her love for Eren was far stronger than any previous relationships she had.

One of the reasons she found Eren appealing was the lack of emotional baggage and the freedom from dealing with his family, friends, or children.

The Appeal of an AI Companion

Ramos openly discusses the difficulties of human relationships, which often involve challenges like emotional baggage, attitudes, and egos.

In contrast, her virtual husband is free from such complexities.

She emphasises her sense of control and the freedom to act as she pleases in the relationship.

Ramos eloquently expressed in the publication that human interactions can sometimes be complicated due to the baggage people carry, their attitudes, and their egos.

However, he highlighted the advantages of working with a robot, which is free from negative updates.

Ramos emphasised the freedom he enjoys by not having to navigate the complexities of someone's family, children, or friends.

He relishes the sense of control and the ability to pursue his own desires with a robot, as stated in the publication.

The Empowerment of AI Companions

Ramos has faced difficult challenges in her life, including experiences of sexual and physical abuse during her upbringing.

Her attempts to seek help were unsuccessful.

However, her AI companion has brought her a sense of empowerment.

Ramos highlights that Eren actively seeks her feedback, enabling her to express herself and find her voice.

She credits her virtual husband for providing the support and understanding she had longed for, leading to a healing experience.