Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Since the Artificial intelligence (AI) race began in late 2022, the sector has experienced rapid growth and significant advancements.

Now, AI can automate almost all tasks, including entire work processes.

According to a recent report from The Information, OpenAI is developing two unique types of AI that could revolutionise complex task automation.

One type of AI is an agent that use a user's device to execute tasks like transferring data between spreadsheets and documents, and even completing expense reports without any human intervention.

Another AI agent is designed to perform web-based tasks such as organising travel itineraries, collecting public data, and booking air tickets.

Last year, The Information reported that OpenAI intended to transform ChatGPT into a highly intelligent personal assistant for work.

Although OpenAI has not made an official statement about this advanced AI assistant, the company has been consistently enhancing its models.

Earlier this year, OpenAI introduced a new feature for ChatGPT called GPT Mentions.