Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Many people often feel lonely, facing challenges in their careers, education, and family life.

Despite working hard, they may not achieve their goals, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction.

Love failures and various other reasons contribute to people experiencing depression.

As technology advances, AI now plays a role in identifying depression through facial expressions.

A team of scientists at Dartmouth College has developed a smartphone app named 'MoodCapture' to detect depression symptoms early on, as per the Tech Explorist report.

This app utilises artificial intelligence and facial-image processing software to analyse facial expressions and surroundings during regular phone use.

The app works by capturing multiple photos of the user's face and surroundings each time they unlock their phone using facial recognition.

An AI algorithm then examines these images, looking for signs of depression. If it detects worsening symptoms, the app offers helpful suggestions like going outside for exercise or spending time with loved ones.

In a study involving 177 people diagnosed with major depressive disorder, the app accurately identified early symptoms of depression with 75% accuracy, as per the report.

While the app is beneficial, users should be cautious about sharing personal details, as installing it grants access to the phone's camera.

While it is a helpful innovation for people dealing with depression, users must be proactive in safeguarding their privacy when using such apps, especially considering the discussions happening on social media regarding privacy concerns.