TCS leader Ramadorai unveils success story

New Delhi: Transforming itself from a USD 400 million firm to a multi-billion dollar entity under the aegis of its leader S Ramadorai, TCS has indeed travelled a long way, which Ramadorai has chronicled in his book `The TCS Story and Beyond`.

The book, unveiled today in the national capital, talks about not just an account of Ramadorai`s personal journey and the strategy that the country`s largest software exporter adopted, but also provides a deep insight into the Indian IT industry.

He talks about the beginning of the off shoring that has paved the way for the Indian software exports to rake in over USD 60-billion annually.

Ramadorai, while talking about the book, said he wrote it with encouragement from his wife Mala, son Tarun and close colleagues to "make the TCS story heard since no one had ever written a book about TCS before this".

Right from the early days to transforming the company into a USD 8 billion giant, Ramadorai recounts the steps from a USD 400 million company to a company providing jobs to 200,000 people.

He said the Bangalore management meeting in 1999 marked the start of a strategic rethink for TCS that would eventually crystallise into a bold new mission statement in 2003.

This also paved the way for the company to go public in a 2004 initial public offering (IPO), the biggest on record in India at the time.

Ramadorai also highlights how the Y2K problem created an enormous opportunity for the entire Indian IT industry to expand its client base.

More than just writing about his experience at TCS, Ramadorai makes an interesting point by saying, "A CEO should be judged not by what he built but more importantly by what he leaves behind for his succesor to build upon."

Ramadorai said he has chosen to be in public service as he has been invited by the Prime Minister to be his Advisor on Skill Development and he still feels excited and challenged about what he does.

"This endeavour is hugely exciting and challenging at the same time. Even after a career spanning 40 years, I still feel the same level of excitement about what I do — contributing to the creation of a demographic dividend by skilling millions of Indian youth," he writes.