Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Injuries are often inevitable in sports. There are hardly any sports in which accidents don’t happen. Cricket is not a tackle sport, yet injuries are not rare in the game.

Sometimes, weird injuries take place in cricket. An unfortunate injury during a match in Lanka Premier League happened on Wednesday. Sri Lankan cricketer Chamika Karunaratne suffered a rare injury. The incident happened when a match was going on between Kandy Falcons and Galle Gladiators. Playing for Falcons, Chamika took a catch that cost him four of his teeth.

Chamika was fielding inside the circle on the off side and ran back to take a catch. However, he could not judge the ball properly. 

Subsequently, the ball hit Chamika on his face before he collected is in his hands. Chamika somehow managed to take the catch, but he was in deep pain. He then asked his teammates not to celebrate with him as he had been hurt.

Later, it was revealed that Chamika had lost four of his teeth due to the ball hitting his mouth. The cricketer was admitted to a hospital in Galle immediately following the injury. Falcons management said that the cricketer is fine and is ready for the rest part of the tournament.

Notably, Falcons won the match by five wickets and it must have given some solace to injured Chamika.