Manoj Kumar Jena

The 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 seems to be giving a thrilling experience to cricket fans. This season is experiencing some unexpected performances and nail-biting moments. This season also witnessed the highest score in a single innings and saw ‘Vintage Dhoni’ back in the tournament, and it is getting exciting day by day. 

The recent match between the Punjab Kings and Gujarat Titans added more voltage to the tournament as a player, who was accidentally bought by the Punjab Kings turned out to be a lucky charm for them. 

The 32-year-old Shashank Singh was accidentally signed by the Punjab Kings in the IPL auction and the owners also sought to reverse the auction. However, they might be feeling guilty after Shashank’s match-winning performance. 

In a remarkable innings, Shashank Singh smashed an unbeaten 61 off just 29 balls and stole the victory from Gujarat Titans (GT). 

Shashank’s performance saved the Punjab Kings when they had lost all hopes of chasing a 200-run total.

However, Shashank delivered a magical innings through his remarkable performance.

As the Punjab Kings’ team including Preity Zinta are in a celebration mood, the netizens haven’t forgotten how the franchise reacted when Shashank was signed mistakenly.

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The netizens came forward and unleashed hilarious memes on the internet trolling Preity Zinta and hailing Shashank. 

Watch some hilarious memes below.