Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A 14-year-old boy in Cuttack has amazed all and sundry in the Millenium City by making models of aeroplanes that can fly with the help of remote control.

Meet the ninth class student Aditya Moharana from Mathasahi of Tulasipur who has stunned the people of his area by designing as many as five models of aeroplanes with the help of cardboards, battery, remote controller and receiver. A number of people gathered to see his aeroplanes flying in the sky on the bank of the Mahanadi.

“Initially, I made models of cycles, cars, bikes, JCBs and robots with the help of cardboards, syringes and remote control. I got the motivation to make models of aeroplanes when my handmade thermocool boat propelled on river water successfully,” said Aditya who has earned the sobriquet of ‘Aeroplane Boy’ from the people of his neighbourhood.

“Aditya is a meritorious student and he has got a scientific temperament. If he gets the right exposure and guidance, he will become a great scientist in future,” said one of his distant relatives in his neighbourhood.
Aditya’s father BipinMoharanais an auto driver and severe financial constraint has become a major huddle in the way of the little scientist.

“I am really amazed at the incredible talent of Adity and feel fortunate to get a son like him. I will try my best to give him all the opportunities he requires to be a scientist,” said Bipin.

Meanwhile, residents of Tulasipur area feel that the government and corporate sectors should extend their helping hands for the higher study and research of the talented guy.

“The little scientist should be nurtured properly and given the right kind of opportunity and exposure. If guided properly, he will be an asset to society. The government and corporate sectors should come forward to help the poor but talented guy,” said another neighbour.

(Edited by Pradeep Singh)