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Retune the brain to stop tinnitus

London: Are you suffering from tinnitus? Fret not. Retune the brain, for a new study says that it could cure the condition which causes incessant ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus is caused when brain overreacts to hearing damage and produces constant "phantom" sounds. And, currently there`s no cure. But, scientists believe that the condition could be eliminated by tricking the brain into switching off the imaginary ringing.

In their study on rodents, the scientists banished tinnitus by electrically stimulating vagus nerve -a large nerve running from the head and neck to the abdomen -at the same time as playing sounds tuned to specific frequencies, `The Daily Telegraph` reported.

Treated rats showed responses that indicated the ringing in their ears had stopped. Animals that did not receive the therapy continued to display signs of tinnitus.

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