Recent civil society movement can undermine democracy: Aiyar

New Delhi: The recent civil society movement triggered by Anna Hazare`s anti-corruption campaign holds the danger of undermining democracy and its institutions, senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar said on Sunday.

"Civil society`s recent movement has not understood the malaise. Their recent movement carries the danger of undermining our democratic institutions and our democracy," Aiyar told reporters on the sidelines of a function here.

"Civil society can and should agitate on issues but the resolution of issues can only take place in the institutions of democracy," he said.

Aiyar, a nominated member of Rajya Sabha, said, "If a politician is not allowed to enter Janta Mantar and anybody who says he has got the support of the people is described as a filthy dirty fellow and these noble people will never fight an election…then you are endangering democracy…They don`t understand what they are doing is undermining democracy."

Aiyar`s remarks came days after the government said it was keen to work with civil society members to draft a sound Lokpal bill despite controversies and yesterday`s meeting of the activists led by Anna Hazare that decided that Justice Santosh Hegde, who had threatened to quit from the drafting committee, would continue as a member.

Emphasising the need for inclusive growth in the country, Aiyar said, "That is the danger we are facing, if we have to preserve our democracy…we must recognise that inclusive governance is a critical pre-requisite for development.

Without inclusive growth, we will neither be able to sustain development nor promote democracy," he said.

Noting that without inclusive growth, high growth will cause deep social fissures that will aggravate inequalities in the society, he said, "Widening gap will lead to naxal problem and mindless anti-incumbency and like the recent atmosphere by the middle class in which the political class is being disrespected."