Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Opposition parties have raised question mark over the Doctorate degree having been conferred upon Kendrapara MP Anubhav Mohanty by a USA university, the news of which has recently gone viral on various social media platforms.

As per the Congress party's allegation, the news could be another fraud by the BJD MP and he should come forward to give clarification on the matter.

“Earlier, Congress had alleged that Anubhav has not even passed Plus two and neither the party nor the MP himself is yet to give any clarification on it,” said Congress spokesperson Nishikant Mishra.

“Earlier, Mohanty had obtained a graduation certificate from a university which has been blacklisted. He was a Plus 2 student of Kandarpur College and he has not yet taken his migration certificate from the university. The news about his Doctorate degree, going viral on various social media platforms, could be another act of fraud,” Mishra added.

“Mohanty is representing Odisha in Parliament as per constitutional provision. He himself should come forward and clear air on his educational qualification," Mishra further added.

Meanwhile, Kendrapara district BJP has also leveled the same allegation against Mohanty.

“The people of Kendrapara have doubt over the educational qualification of Mohanty as he was under scanner for various reasons in the past. To clear the doubt of people, Mohanty should clarify about his educational qualification and his Doctorate degree from the international university," said BJP district President Kishore Kumar Panda.