Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday slammed the Congress party and its senior leader Sam Pitroda over the latter's alleged racist remarks, warning that he would not tolerate "such insult on the basis of skin colour" and that any such further comments could harm the unity of the nation.

Addressing an election rally here, PM Modi said he is quite angry over the remarks made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's "uncle, guide and philosopher" who lives in the United States.

He made it clear that the country will not tolerate any insult to the people in the name of their skin colour.

"I got to know that there is an uncle in America who is the philosophical guide of 'Shehzada' and just like the third umpire in cricket this 'Shehzada' takes advice from the third umpire. This philosophical uncle said that those who have black skin are from Africa. This means that you are abusing several people in the country on the basis of their skin colour," said PM Modi.

"He has abused people of my country in the name of their skin colour... However, as your PM and one among you, I affirm that we are all children of Lord Shri Krishna, and we are all equal, regardless of race or creed," the PM added.

He further said that now it is clear why the Congress party had opposed Droupadi Murmu's candidature as the President of India.

"Now I have understood that on the basis of the skin colour, they believed that Droupadi Murmu is also African and since her skin colour is black, she should be defeated," he said.

He asked if the talent of a person be decided on the basis of the colour of the skin.

"I am very angry today. When I am abused, I don't get angry. But, today the prince's philosopher has thrown such a big insult that I am filled with anger."

He remarked those making a hue and cry over the Constitution were insulting the people of India.

PM Modi recalled that in 2014, NDA made Ram Nath Kovind, a Dalit, the President of India and in 2019, it chose Droupadi Murmu, a tribal daughter, for the top post.

Pitroda, who is the Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, worked closely with Rajiv Gandhi and is now considered to be quite close to Rahul Gandhi. He had earlier created a massive storm with his remarks on 'inheritance tax' in America.

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