Mrunal Manmay Dash

The family of a youth, who died after treatment at Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati Medical College and Hospital in Berhampur, brought allegations of medical negligence against the hospital and doctors.

The deceased, Himanshu Sekhar Pradhan hailed from Karapada village under Ganjam’s Digapahandi block. He was brought to the MKCG hospital after he sustained a wound in his leg on November 15.

However, the family of Pradhan alleged that the PG students available at the emergency room of the hospital refused to admit him in the hospital and told them to take Pradhan home after administering an injection. They also alleged that some PG students were watching a cricket match on TV and did not attend to the patients during that time.

He died after the family members brought him back from the hospital.

“There were no professors or assistant professors in the hospital then. PG students available in the emergency did all the check-ups, wrapped the wound with a bandage, and administered an injection. Despite our repeated requests to the doctors that the patient has been bleeding for 6-7 hours and he needs admission, they never listened to us and refused to admit my brother,” said Subhransu Sekhar Pradhan, brother of the deceased.

“While some PG students attended my brother, some others were busy watching a cricket match on TV,” he alleged.

Denying the allegations, MKCG Medical Superintendent, Suchitra Dash said, “The bleeding from his leg was not so bad because the family had already tied a bandage on the wound. Even the medical officer on duty told me that the bleeding stopped after they dressed the wound. Other vitals of the patient including blood pressure and pulse were normal too. He needed skin grafting to heal the ulcer, so the doctors advised him to see a doctor at the plastic surgery OPD. So there was no negligence on the part of the doctors.”

“As far as admission is concerned, the patient was not in a serious condition that would warrant admission to the hospital. Plastic surgery is a super-specialist care and it cannot be done immediately whenever a patient demands it. Only patients with serious health conditions are admitted to the hospital. The doctors did not deny them admission deliberately. He died due to a heart attack,” she said.

Asked about senior residents watching a cricket match during duty hours, Das said, “We will check the CCTV footage. If we find them watching TV neglecting patients then we will take appropriate action against them.”