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Odia actor Manoj Mishra, who has been in the news for a reported 2-year boycott handed to him by some film producers, for allegedly orchestrating protests against the film Ram in Sambalpur, landed in fresh trouble over the screening of the movie Pratha in Jharsuguda. 

Sanlisha Patel, the producer of Pratha, has filed an online FIR against Manoj Mishra at Jharsuguda.
In her FIR, Patel alleged that a group of nearly 150 persons vandalised posters and banners of the film ‘Pratha’ at Jharsuguda film hall on Friday while the film was being screened in the presence of her family members. 

“They created trouble during the screening of the film and threatened the hall staff to halt the screening and run the movie ‘Mind Game’ instead.  They said ‘Cuttacki’ film will not be allowed here. The troublemakers shouted slogans against the Odia film and threatened the hall owner,” she lamented.

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Pratha, centered on a story in Koraput, was dubbed in three languages and released in 48 cinema halls across the state. Many Bollywood artistes are featured in the film. 

Alleging that actor Manoj Mishra and his supporters are behind all such incidents, the lady producer demanded the immediate arrest of the actor. 

She asked why a film produced in the Koraput dialect should be opposed in Jharsuguda. She urged the state government to intervene in the matter.     

Speaking to the media, she argued why producers should invest crores of rupees for film production if they face such kinds of troubles during the screening. 

No comments have been received from Manoj Mishra.

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