Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

After senior BJP leader Basanta Panda, Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi has now raised questions on the mysterious woman named Shradha, who allegedly accompanied Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to Vatican City.

“When Leader of Opposition,  Sri Jaynarayan Mishra & senior MP,  Sri @basantpandabjp ask abt a MYSTERIOUS WOMAN accompanying CM to the Vatican and the reasons for her unhindered access to Naveen Nivas, they are described as   ‘mad’ by BJD spokesmen !” wrote Aparajita on her social media account X (earlier known as Twitter).

“There are media reports suggesting that she could be a nurse or therapist.  If this were true, this is all the more concerning and the CM of an important State cannot be left to private and secretive treatment. Who selected this therapist? What kind of therapy is going on?” she further wrote.

“Is it by design that CM is kept isolated from other politicians & bureaucrats? When was the last time that Chief Secretary & Development Commissioner had one to one meeting with the CM? Who is providing intelligence briefing to the CM? Does CM know what is going around in Odisha?” she added.

The senior saffron leader sought answer on this issue and urged the Odisha government to come clean on the woman.

“The people of Odisha deserve CLEAR & TRANSPARENT answers. Avoiding to answer, frequent Adjournment of Assembly, Running away- are signs of WEAKNESS,” Aparajita wrote.

“Of late, the functioning of the Hon’ble CM @Naveen_Odisha & his officials is generating a lot of curiosity. CM goes to Rome & Tokyo but decides to depute his Private Secretary to meet people of our state is something which is unheard of in the democratic tradition of our country. Since Independence, I am not aware of any PM or CM who has deputed a serving bureaucrat to represent him before the people who have voted for him. When people ask questions on why a chopper ride is needed for 30 kms distance, there is NO ANSWER !” she further wrote.

“When we ask why people’s representatives should be engaged in organising the tents and chairs for district meetings of a Secretary level Govt Servant, there is NO ANSWER! When we ask why 56000 Grievances have been collected after 24 years of  ‘Golden Rule’, there is NO ANSWER ! When we ask if the normal grievance redressal mechanism has completely collapsed requiring one chopper hopping bureaucrat (the CM told that he was sending the CMO; it must be the only CMO in the country with only one bureaucrat as the face) to collect grievances, there is NO ANSWER!” she added.