Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

White tigress Rupa, aged 4.5 years, gave birth to three cubs on Friday in Nandankanan Zoological Park’s enclosure No 21. This is the second time that Rupa achieved motherhood. 

The total number of tigers at Nandankanan Zoo has increased to 28 after the recent birth of the three cubs.

Though the specifics of the three cubs are yet to be confirmed, sources informed that while one cub is white the other two are normal (red). 

As per reports, the first cub took birth at 3.25 pm while the other two took birth at 3.33 pm and 5.50 pm respectively. Tigress Rupa was being tracked with four CCTVs installed around the enclosure, informed Dr Sanjeet Kumar, Nandankanan Zoo’s Deputy Director.

Tigress Rupa got pregnant after mating with Royal Bengal Tiger Rajesh. She delivered the cubs after 105 days post-mating. 

Zoo officials have reportedly captured visuals of Rupa breastfeeding the three cubs in the enclosure. 

Notably, Rajesh and Rupa took birth from tigress Bijaya and tiger Roshan on September 22, 2018. Rupa and Rajesh lived in safari where they mate and for the first time Rupa got pregnant and delivered three cubs on March 11, 2022.