Pradeep Pattanayak

A labourer died of electrocution at Jajpur Road Community Health Centre (CHC) in Jajpur district on Sunday. 

The deceased has been identified as Sheikh Maiddun, a resident of Hooghly area in West Bengal. 

As per sources, a contractual firm was engaged to drain out water from the CHC’s drains. Subsequently, the contractual firm had engaged some labourers including Maiddun. 

Reportedly, when Maiddun was connecting a motor pump to the main power supply, he suffered a fatal shock and collapsed on the ground.
Hearing Maiddun's cries, his co-workers immediately rushed him to the CHC where the doctor declared him brought dead. 

On being informed, police reached the spot, seized the body for postmortem and launched an investigation to ascertain the exact cause of the death. 

The cops are also trying to find out whether necessary safety measures and equipment were provided to the labourers or not, said sources. 

“We were all working at the spot. He came in contact with a live wire and collapsed on the ground. Hearing his cries, we immediately came to his rescue and rushed him to the hospital where he was declared received dead,” said Abdul Razak, a labourer.

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