Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Even though three days have passed since the mystreious death of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT) girl student Chinmayi Priyadarshini Sahoo, police are yet to make any headway in the case raising questions over the investigation process. 

According to sources, as many as three teams of police are investing into the death case in Burla, Bolangir and Bhubaneswar. Lie detection tests of Chinmayi’s friend Preetiman Dey and his associate Manas Tudu have been conducted at State Forensic Science Laboratory in Bhubaneswar on Saturday. However, police have not made any substantial progress into the investigation. 

During the lie detection tests of Preetiman and Manas, police have asked them around 50 questions like how did Chinmayi die in Power Channel Bridge? What happened to Chinmayi before she boarded the bus to return Bhubaneswar?

Following their interrogation in Burla police station, Preetiman was subjected to lie detection test. He was questioned about his relationship with Chinmayi. He was also asked whether there was any altercation between them and the reason behind it. Police also asked him why Manas accompanied them to the Power Channel Bridge.

Now the question is why lie detection tests were required? Is it because Preetiman and Manas are hiding facts about the death case or police want to take the investigation forward?

“There should be a convincing reply about Chinmayi’s death case. Hence lie detection test was required and police have conducted it,” said former Police IG Batakrushna Tripathi.

Five days have been passed since Chinmayi attended the University’s convocation program on February 28 and received her degree. Though police have registered a death case and started an investigation into it, suspicion still lies about whether Chinmayi has committed suicide or she has been murdered. 

Police have also questioned Chinmayi’s mother and her sister at their residence in Bolangir for hours. They have also collected the last WhatsApp chat between Chinmayi and her mother.

However, Chinmayi’s mother Labanga Sahoo has expressed her apprehension over the transparency into the investigation process.

“Preetiman’s father is a higher official in the Home Department and hence the investigation is not being done properly. But we have no option but to believe in the police investigation. My daughter has been murdered. She has not committed suicide. She has been strangulated to death,” said Labanga.

Loisingha MLA Mukesh Mahalinga also expressed his apprehension over the investigation process.

“Police will not be able to investigate the case properly as Preetiman’s father is a higher official in the Home Department. Questions have been raised over the effectiveness of police and home departments,” said Mahalinga.

On the other hand, Preetiman’s father Pranab Kumar Dey said that he is not putting any kind of pressure on the investigation process.

“Let the police investigate the case properly and let the truth prevail. I am not putting any kind of pressure on the investigation process,” said Pranab.

(Reported by Ghateswar Mishra and Alok Mohanty)