Vikash Sharma

Do you own a vintage car and want to know more details about its registration and other details? Well the registration of vintage vehicles in Odisha can be done through offline mode. Recently, Odisha became the first state to have a separate registration process for vintage vehicles.

This came after the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) formalised the registration process of vintage motor vehicles.

What Is A Vintage Vehicle?

All two and four wheelers which are more than 50 years old, maintained in their original form and have not undergone substantial haul shall be defined as ‘Vintage Motor’. The owners can apply for special number plates and they can also enjoy exemption from scrappage.

How To Apply

One can apply for registration of Vintage registration mark to the RTO physically in Form 20. One has to submit a number of documents listed below:

-Valid insurance policy

-Valid PUC certificate

-Bill of entry in case of imported vehicle/old registration copy (of an already registered in India) or self attested copy of digital RC.

At the time of application for vintage registration mark, the RC of vehicle may or may not be valid: If the RC is not valid, then one has to apply for renewal by submitting form 25 along with documents required for vintage registration mark.

According to the State Transport Authority (STA), a vintage motor vehicle is allowed to run on Indian roads only for display, technical research or taking part in vintage car rally, refuelling and maintenance, exhibitions.

The owner of the vintage motor vehicle after getting vintage registration mark can also sell his vintage vehicle by applying for transfer of ownership. The old certificate of registration after being registered as vintage motor vehicle shall be marked cancelled. The owner may retain such cancelled certificate of registration for historical purposes only.