Cassian Baliarsingh

Amid the tall claims of zero tolerance for corruption in Odisha, a video of a Revenue Inspector (RI) allegedly demanding bribe for issuing caste certificate is now going viral on social media.

The RI, who is purportedly demanding bribe in the video, has been identified as Tapas Jena of Dalang revenue department under Dhamnagar tehsil in Bhadrak district. 

The incident has sparked outrage in the area with locals demanding immediate suspension of RI Jena.

According to sources, a local had applied for caste certificate for his daughter. However, despite running from pillar to post, the man was unable to get his daughter’s certificate.

Frustrated, the man approached the tehsil office and questioned the delay in the issuance of the certificate. However, tehsil officials asked him to visit the RI as he had withheld the certificate.

The man then contacted RI Jena who allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs 500. Expressing his inability, the man agreed to pay only Rs 200. However, the RI refused to take Rs 200 and demanded Rs 500. 

Left with no other option, the man allegedly gave a bribe of Rs 500 following which the RI issued the certificate. Meanwhile, a man reportedly recorded the video of the RI accepting the bribe which has now gone viral.

In the video, the RI is purportedly heard screaming at the man for negotiating the bribe money, and shouting at the man saying, "...Do you think, I’m worth Rs 200. Give 500 and get your certificate otherwise you won’t get anything."

After being caught red-handed, he claimed to be innocent and said, “The man forced me to take Rs 200. However, I refused to take it. Then, the man dropped Rs 500 note here and went. But, I did not take it.”

“There is no video. I haven’t received anything. Call the man and prove that I have taken money from him. I don’t believe in any videos,” he added. 

This isn’t the first time as the locals had earlier accused the RI of being a repeated offender and demanding bribe from several people and also harassing them.