Himansu Shekhar Rout

After remaining trapped inside the Uttarakashi tunnel for over 400 hours, all the 41 labourers were rescued. Among them are five workers from Odisha. Their families reportedly heaved a sigh of relief and erupted in joy after the trapped labourers were rescued in the evening. 

Dhiren Nayak, a resident of the Bangiriposi area of the Mayurbhanj district was one of the five Odia workers trapped inside the tunnel.

After receiving the news of her son’s rescue, Dhiren’s mother, who had been crying and not taking food for the last 17 days, was on cloud nine and distributed sweets to villagers. She has been praying for the last 17 days for the safety of her son. 

After his rescue, Dhiren immediately talked to a family member and a local people’s representative to confirm his safe return from the tunnel. It is learned that Dhiren’s elder brother has left for Uttarakhand to accompany him back home.

Speaking to the media, Dhiren's mother thanked those involved in the rescue operation as well as the political leaders. “My son was safely rescued. I thank the ministers and leaders. Last Friday, I had gone to Lord Jagannath to pray for my son’s safety. Again I will go to the Lord after my son comes back home,” she added with tears of happiness in her eyes.

  • Reported by:
  • Rabindra Hota