Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

With the mercury level soaring continuously, residents in several parts of Odisha are grappling with a severe drinking water crisis. Apart from human beings, innocent animals and birds are also suffering due to acute shortage of drinking water. As various water bodies have dried up, the animals and birds have become helpless while searching for water.  

Under the circumstances, social worker Chinmayee Das along with her associates from Angul is going out of her way to provide food and water to hungry and thirsty birds and animals. She is roaming in forests and hills to make drinking water facilities available for the hapless wild animals and birds.

As per reports, Chinmayee, who is a transgender, is moving around in dense forests and hills with some earthen pots, food, drinking water and a ladder in this sizzling heat. She is even climbing trees to provide water for birds. She is keeping water in earthen pots in the hollows of some trees and hanging water-filled bowls and containers in some other trees.

According to Chinmayee, as animals and birds are not able to express their sufferings, human beings need to be sensitive enough to help them beat the severe heatwave conditions by providing water and food. Apart from providing drinking water, Chinmayee is also providing food to the animals and birds.

“Despite many precautions, we human beings are unable to bear the scorching heat. Think about the conditions of speechless birds and animals. They are not able to express their sufferings. Hence we have been providing them drinking water in innovative ways for the last few years. We have also been urging people to take small steps in this direction. The response we are getting is really encouraging and motivating,” said Chinmayee.

Chinmayee Das along with her associatesChinmayee Das along with her associates carry water for birds and animals

“We are climbing trees in dense forests and hills with the help of ladders and placing water pots in these trees. We are doing it at regular intervals to help animals quench their thirst,” said Chinmayee’s associate Niharika Nayak.

However, Chinmayee’s effort in this direction is not new. She has been doing this for the last many years. Inspired by Chinmayee’s kind act, some employees of the Forest Department, volunteers of various social organisations and local residents have joined hands with Chinmayee in her noble deed. 

Local residents and various social organisations have heaped praise on Chinmayee for her selfless service towards the birds and animals.

“Chinmayee’s innovative effort to provide food and water to the birds and animals in the prevailing heatwave situation is really praiseworthy. The administration should come forward to encourage her to carry out her noble act,” said Ramani Ranjan Dash, a social worker.

“Chinmayee is carrying out her act with help from some other volunteers and local residents. Her noble act can’t be compensated with any parise or award,” said Tapan Kumar Dehury, a local resident.