Vikash Sharma

Do you believe in God and its leela? Well, the residents of Gopinathpur on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar now strongly believe in it.

Such faith has been strengthened after a thief, who had stolen some ornaments from a temple, returned the stolen goods after nine years. Not only this, the thief also left behind a letter, ‘dakshina’ (donation) of Rs 200 for the temple priest and Rs 100 as a penalty for his crime.

As per reports, there was a theft of silver ornaments of Radha-Krushna at Gopinathpur temple in 2014. Despite lodging police complaint and searching, the villagers could not get any information about the thief or never recovered the stolen ornaments.

“It is no less than a miracle as we had left hope that we would be able to get back the stolen property. It was during a Yajna that the thief stole the ornaments of the Lord when the priest had gone to a nearby temple,” said Sashibhusan Mohanty, a local resident.

Temple priest, Kailash Panda said, “The thief has left behind a letter and claimed that he has received a lot of punishment for the crime from God. He has also left some dakhsina and a fine amount.”

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