Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Though the Odisha government has transformed several schools across the State under its 5T initiative, some of those educational institutions do not have proper road connectivity, much to the inconvenience of students and teachers.

In the absence of pucca roads, students and teachers in some areas of the State are forced to totter through muddy roads to reach their schools. 

Take the case of students from Divya Jeevan High School at Kandasar village under Banarpal block in Angul district. The school has been transformed under the 5T initiative of the State government. However, there is no proper road to reach the school. As a result, students and teachers have to wade through knee-deep dirty water and slushy road to reach the school, especially in the rainy season.

“We are facing a lot of hardship while coming to the school on the muddy road. Many of us end up falling down on the slippery road and return home. We are not able to reach the school in time. We request the administration to construct a proper road on our way to school,” said Bishnupriya Nayak, a student.

“When it rains heavily, the condition of the road deteriorates further making it more difficult to commute,” said Biswajit Sahu, another student.

Sources said though the school is situated only a few kilometers away from Angul, the road leading to the school is in a bad condition. Apart from students and teachers, people from 10-15 villages depend upon the road for their daily communication. However, the alleged indifference of the administration to solving the problem has irked the local people.

“The road is often filled with water and mud mostly in the rainy season. However, the administration has turned a blind eye to the ordeal of the people,” said Patitapaban Gadnayak, a local resident.

“The road to the school is around one km long. However, around 600m of the stretch is kachha road and low-lying land. In the rainy season, the road is waterlogged and as a result, students and teachers face a lot of difficulties to reach the school,” said Gandharba Das, Headmaster of the school.

“We request the administration to repair the road for the convenience of the local people and students,” added Das.

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