Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In an unfortunate incident, some students were allegedly asked by school authorities to wait outside and in the process, they were thoroughly drenched in rain as their guardians didn’t turn up for a meeting in Boudh district on Thursday.

The incident has triggered resentment among the students, guardians and local people.

As per reports, around 10-15 guardians were not present during the meeting convened by Central School authorities in the district. Subsequently, the principal of the school allegedly asked some students, whose guardians were not present, to wait outside the school. The students got thoroughly drenched in the heavy rain while waiting outside the school.

Following the incident, the guardians of the students reached the school and discussed the matter with the principal. All of them condemned the incident. The guardians have stated that they will send a written complaint about the incident to the district Collector.

However, the comments of the principal and the district administration could not be obtained in this regard.

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