Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

It is an exciting moment for G Triveni as she eagerly waits to present President Droupadi Murmu with her smiling portrait during her visit to Cuttack on Wednesday.

The portrait created through the medium of pencil drawing was an artistic work of Triveni, a resident of Baunsagali in the Millennium City.

It took Triveni around a week to draw the portrait of President Murmu on white paper with a pencil. She has been practicing the special art from a tender age of 13.

Earlier, Triveni had sent several emails to President Murmu’s office expressing her wish to gift her a piece of artistic work. In response to her letters, she got a call from Rashtrapati Bhavan yesterday.

However, it is not yet confirmed when and where Triveni will gift her art piece to President Murmu. Meanwhile, Triveni is excited and she is eagerly waiting in front of Netaji Museum in Cuttack with the hope that she will be able to gift her special art to President Murmu during her visit there.

“It will be a token of love and respect for President Murmu from me. After writing many letters about my wish to present my special art to President Murmu, I got a call from the Investigation Bureau yesterday. However, no confirmation has been made about the venue and time. Her schedule is also very tight. I am hopeful that I will be able to present her with my special gift in front of the Netaji Museum,” said Triveni.

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