Mrunal Manmay Dash

A sudden rise in the prices of ginger and garlic in Odisha is burning a hole in the pocket of consumers.

As per reports, the price of ginger has risen to Rs 190 while garlic is being sold as high as Rs 100 per kilo at Chhatra Bazaar in Cuttack.

A consumer in Bhubaneswar said, “The rise in the price has forced us to purchase less ginger and garlic than we usually buy from the market. The rate of ginger has almost tripled in a span of just 15 days.”

“The price of ginger was Rs 60 per kg recently. And now it has grown up to Rs 200. It is burning a big hole in our pockets,” said another buyer.

Asked about the price rise, Chhatra Bazaar Trader’s Association president, Sudhakar Panda said, "Ginger production has fallen this year. So the rate now varies from Rs 125 to Rs 190 per kilo. The ginger brought from Shimla and Maharashtra is being sold at Rs 125. But the ones from Daringibadi and Koraput have gone up to Rs 190."

“It will take another month for the new crop to arrive in the market. The rates will definitely come down after that,” he added.

“As far as garlic is concerned the price varies from Rs 50 to 90 at Chhatra Bazaar. New crops will take one more month to arrive. And the price of garlic too will come down after that,” said Panda.

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