Pradeep Pattanayak

An acute shortage of stamp papers of low denominations has become a cause of concern at Balasore Court leaving the people at their receiving end. The stamp papers are allegedly being sold at inflated prices.   

Every day hundreds of people visit the court to get their various types of work done. While some are coming for an affidavit, some others are visiting for agreement. But they are facing problems due to the acute shortage of stamp papers in denominations of Rs 10 and Rs 20. The problem is not of a week or two. It has been reportedly there for the last two months.

Meanwhile, the stamp vendors are cashing in on the situation. For Rs 10 and Rs 20 stamp papers, they are reportedly charging Rs 100.  

“As stamp papers are not available, customers in need of stamp paper of Rs 10 are going for stamp paper of Rs 50,” alleged Aniruddha Das, a Balasore resident. 

People are of the opinion that the government is knowingly creating such a situation to introduce e-stamp paper.

“It seems that in view of the government's emphasis on paperless activities, an effort is on to introduce e-stamp paper in place of normal stamp papers,” said Aninjay Kumar Panda, a Councilor. 

While the Zilla Moharar Sangha, Balasore, admitted that there is a shortage of stamp papers, it has been alleged that some unscrupulous stamp vendors are behind this stamp scarcity.  

“There is a shortage of stamp papers. We have informed the Sub Collector about this. As of now, some stamp papers of Rs 10 and 20 have been made available but not sufficiently to meet the demand,” said Girish Dutt, president of Zilla Moharar Sangha. 

“I have stamp papers of Rs 10, 20 and 50. The stamp paper of Rs 5 has been out of supply for two years now,” said Prabir Kumar Pal, a stamp vendor.

Speaking about the issue, Balasore ADM Nilu Mohapatra said, “I verified it with the treasury officer. He told me that there is a stock of such stamp papers. And stamp vendors can’t sell low-value stamp papers at a higher price.”


(Reported by Rashmi Ranjan Dash, OTV)