Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Resentment is brewing among the beneficiaries of the Public Distribution System (PDS) at Radhabali village under Raikia village in Kandhamal district as they are forced to climb a hill to bring foodgrains on a regular basis due to the absence of proper road facilities in their area.

“Though India has gained independence 76 years ago, the people of Radhabali village are still deprived of basic amenities. Are we not the citizens of India,” asked a villager.

Though the villagers have requested the district administration to take necessary steps for the construction of a road in their area, it has fallen on deaf ears.

“We have requested the district administration to construct a road in our area several times. However, the authorities are not paying any attention to our pleas” he added.

“It’s very difficult to be up and down the hill along with the rice sack and my children so many times. We request the government to consider our request and construct a proper road to solve our problems,” said a woman of the village.

“Some old men and women are barely able to stand. However, they are forced to climb the hill to collect their quota of five kg of rice under the Public Distribution System. Mainly they are facing lots of problems sans proper road facility,” said another woman.

“We have decided to boycott the 2024 General election if our demand of constructing a road in our area is not fulfilled,” she added.

However, no comments from the district administration could be obtained in this regard.