Cassian Baliarsingh

In what comes as good news for animal lovers, two Royal Bengal Tigers (RBT) were spotted; one in the Ghatagaon forest range of Keonjhar district and the other one in the Debrigarh sanctuary near Bargarh. The movement of the big cats were caught on cameras and the pictures are now going viral on the social media platforms.

The one at Keonjhar is believed to be around 3-4 years old. The RBT is suspected to have reached Ghatagaon from Similipal to Satakosia through Karanjia. The movement of the tiger was captured on its way back to Similipal, reports said.

The forest department in Keonjhar has been alerted for its safety and several teams have been deployed to monitor its movement in the forest. The PCCF has directed the forest department to install more CCTV cameras to keep a track on the movement of the RBT.

This isn’t the first time the RBT has been spotted in the area. It is a frequent wanderer in the area and often moves around from Similipal to Satkosia and returns back home. The 3-4-year old tiger is now making its own territory, sources said.

“There is no threat to the local villagers in Ghatagaon area as the forest department is continuously keeping an eye on the movement of the tiger. We will alert the villagers and keep them safe,” said PCCF Sushil Kumar Popli. 

He said the forest department has taken it as a mission to protect the tiger.

On the other hand, another Royal Bengal Tiger was spotted roaming in Debrigarh sanctuary spanning across the districts of Sambalpur and Bargarh. The RBT is said to have ventured into Bargarh from the jungles in Chhattisgarh.

(Reported by Kapilendra Pradhan, OTV)