Mrunal Manmay Dash

Two girls had a close shave after they were swept away by a strong river current while shooting Facebook reels at Gummajharan waterfall in Malkangiri district.

As per reports, two families from Kudumulugumma under Malkangiri’s Khairiput block had gone to Gummajharan waterfall for a picnic. While shooting for reels on their mobile phones, two young girls of the said families slipped and fell into the river.

They were on the verge of drowning because of the strong river current, when two drivers jumped in the river and rescued them just in the nick of time.

Situated near Maliguda village under Madkapadar Gram Panchayat of Khairput Block, Gummajharan waterfall attracts tourists from all over the district even from beyond. Tourists have to park their four-wheelers in Gummajharan village and tread a walkable distance of nearly 1.5 km to the beautiful Gummajharan waterfall.

However, in the absence of safety railings at the waterfall, accidents like this are a regular affair here, it was alleged.