Himansu Shekhar Rout

The Commissionerate Police foiled a major robbery bid in the Jatani area in Khordha district on Wednesday night. Five robbers were arrested and five bombs, three bikes, sharp-edged weapons and iron rods were seized, police said on Thursday.

As per reports, some jewellers and businessmen were on the target of the gang of robbers. Armed with bombs, the gang was planning for a robbery at a desolate place near the Benapanjari water tank last night. After getting information about the gang, police in plain clothes walked to the place and managed to overpower the gang.

As per police, the accused have several cases relating to bombing, loot and robberies pending against them in different parts of the state and in Bhubaneswar. 

Speaking to the media, DCP Prateek Singh said, "Jatani Police got information about a gang that has been involved in cases of robbery and loot. All are hardened criminals. Cash vans and commercial vehicles were on their target.”
Police went to the place with proper planning and arrested them, said the DCP.