Mrunal Manmay Dash

After a long gap of 28 years, dancer Bairagi, who once danced with Ollywood superstar Sidhant Mohapatra in the famous song 'Puchuki Gali' from 'Suna Panjuri' movie returned to showbiz, thanks to OTV.

Bairagi featured in a new Odia music video which has already been released on YouTube attracting many views and likes on the video-sharing site.

OTV discovered Bairagi and his dancing talents when he was spotted selling Chinese food near Samrat cinema hall in Cuttack. He sold food at his stall by dancing.

As it turned out, Bairagi was one of the co-dancers of the hit Odia song ‘Puchuki gali..’ from the movie Suna Panjuri starring Siddhanta Mahapatra. The lead actor of the film was also the main dancer. Though he was forced to leave the silver screen and sell fast-food to earn, his passion for dancing never left him, which he never fails to showcase whenever he finds time at his food stall.

After the news of Bairagi was aired on OTV, Ollywood star Siddhanta Mahapatra couldn’t resist himself and visited Bairagi’s fast-food stall in Cuttack.

Following that Bairagi was picked up by a production house to do a music video.

“We shot a music video with Bairagi as the lead. We are very happy that he has returned to showbiz after 28 years. I am very happy to have choreographed the song,” said the choreographer of the song.

Not only the ‘Puchuki gali’ song, but Bairagi has also danced in many hit films of the nineties. Siddhanta Mahapatra said that if he gets a chance to act or dance in a film with Bairagi, he is ready to do so.