Vikash Sharma

It is said that the lives of children plunge into darkness after losing their parents early. Parents are usually the backbone and support system for children. However, three sisters in ward-7 under Panasa panchayat of Jajpur district are going through challenging times following the death of their parents.

“It is my elder sister who is working to ensure that we two sisters survive,” said one of the minor siblings.

The eldest of the sisters, Bharati Jena is the sole bread earner of the family now. However, she is also facing a lot of hardship to make both ends meet. Bharati is working as a maid and earns around Rs 3,000 per month. She is also supporting her younger sister in her studies. But her income is not sufficient.

“My only aim is to ensure a better life and studies for my sisters. But it is getting tough for me to provide them basic needs, “said Bharati.

It is pertinent to mention here that Bharati’s mother Tikili died 7 years back while her father died in an accident some 4 years back. Since then, Bharati has been working hard to look after her younger sisters.

Bharati and her sisters do not have a proper roof over their heads. Their situation becomes worse during the rainy season, said a villager.

Bharati’s younger sister is also trying to assist her in generating some income. But all they want is assistance from the Odisha government as they are also facing problems in arranging food sometimes.

“The condition of the house is deplorable. They were very small when their parents died. They are not educated and now the elder sister is worried about their future,” said Manik Jena, a villager.

The only assistance they have got is enrolment under the Antodaya scheme. The Sarpanch said that the former Sarpanch had reported that there are no beneficiaries in the family for a pucca house scheme.

“As a result, we are not able to do anything for the sisters who are struggling for survival. I have urged the state government officials to send a team so that something can be done for them,” said Kulamani Parida, Sarpanch.

  • Reported by:
  • Sanjeeb Nayak