Himansu Shekhar Rout

Ollywood singer Humane Sagar is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. His manager Sagar Behera allegedly beat lyricist Pramod Parida following which a police complaint was filed at the Badamabadi Police Station.

Pramod Parida said that Humane Sagar’s manager Sagar Behera and one of his associates attacked him inside his residence near Pala Mandap. Pramod allegedly sustained bleeding injuries on his head after the attack.  

In the complaint, Pramod alleged that Sagar forcibly took him on a scooter to another place following the attack. Sagar also accused Pramod of uploading postings against Humane Sagar on Facebook, and later issued life threats. 

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Pramod said, “Ollywood singer Humane Sagar is always in controversy for his bad behaviour. When I was at my residence, some of his goons forcibly took me out of my house and detained and tortured me for over 3 hours inside the office of Humane Sagar.  I am deeply pained over the incident.”

Meanwhile, police registered a case and started an investigation into the matter. 

However, no reaction was received from Humane Sagar and his manager.

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