Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A rare dolphin was caught in the net of fishermen in Jalaka River near Nalabahar village under Basta block of Balasore district on Thursday.

As per reports, there was a huge rush of people near the river to watch the rare dolphin weighing around 25 kg.

Subsequently, the fishermen carried the dolphin on their shoulders to their village. Later, they released the aquatic mammal into the village pond instead of the river.

Upon being informed, the Forest Department officials reached the village to find to their astonishment that the dolphin had been released into the pond.

As per the latest information, the Forest Department officials rescued the aquatic mammal from the pond to release it into the sea.

As per locals, this was the first sighting of the endangered species in the Jalaka river near Nalabahar village. They were all surprised at how the aquatic animal found its way into the river.

Notably, large numbers of these dolphins are killed by entanglement in gillnets. The dolphins are also threatened by illegal fishing activities. This species has a low reproductive rate.