Himansu Shekhar Rout

A high school headmaster living in Rayagada town of Odisha has set an example for others. Bubhuti Bhusan Rath, headmaster of JESCO Government High School, has been financially helping poor tribal students in their higher studies.

With Rath’s help, many students are being able to pursue their dreams. 

As per reports, Rath is not only giving financial help, but he is also carving out time from his hectic schedule to impart computer education with his own funds.

When he sees tribal girl students dropping their ambition for higher studies due to financial constraints, he comes out with all possible help to fulfil their academic ambitions.  

Rath is doing all such noble work being inspired by his father, who was helping out the students in crisis.

He is even making accommodations for as many as 15 students.  

During Covid times, schools were closed and students were deprived of education. He visited the houses of students to teach them. 
“I saw many students did not come to schools post-COVID. They dropped out of their studies. I also found many students have interest to study, but due to family problems, they are unable to carry on their studies,” he added.

“Providing financial help to the needy students who want to move ahead in life gives me immense satisfaction. I will be carrying on this job in days to come,” he observed.