Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Drones will be delivering medicines in remote tribal areas under healthcare drone delivery network which was launched in Rayagada on Friday. 

Under the programme, Redwing’s electric hybrid drones will deliver medicine and medical equipment to tribal dominated areas in Rayagada, which faces challenges in accessing healthcare services.

As the second district in Odisha, the scheme was experimentally launched in Rayagad after Kandhamal. The service got underway under the direct supervision of USAID and Redwing. In the first phase, medicines were delivered at Kalyansinghpur and Gudari Hospitals through drones. After its success, medicines will be delivered to various hospitals situate in remote areas of the district.

As per reports, the drones will be operated by a trained person in the District Headquarters Hospital. The drones will deliver all kinds of essential medicines for the patients at various hospitals.

“We have launched the drone service to deliver medicines in remote tribal areas of Rayagada district. It has been started in an experimental basis. Hopefully, it will be continued in the future on a more serious note to provide essential medicines to the patients at various hospitals of the district,” said Minister Jagannath Saraka.

Notably, medicines are already being delivered through drones in some districts of states like Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya in the country.