Cassian Baliarsingh

These days, people tend to put their lives at risk just for a couple of views and likes on Instagram reels. They often go to any length to go viral on social media.

However, many have lost their lives in the process. There have been several reports of youngsters being run over by vehicles and trains while making reels. Earlier, there were reports of a youth being electrocuted to death while making reels.

Meanwhile, a video of school boys dangerously jumping off their school building has been going viral. The video shows at least seven schoolboys jumping off the roof of their school to an asbestos house just for the sake of going viral.

One of the boys injured himself in the process after the asbestos of the thatched house collapsed and he fell down. The matter came to the fore after the boys shared the video on Facebook and Instagram. The incident has been reported from a government school in Raighar of Odisha’s Nabarangpur district.

On being alerted, the headmaster of the school, as a form of punishment, had warned to give Transfer Certificate (TC) to all the seven students. However, the guardians of the students requested the HM to cancel the TC as all of them had exams coming ahead.

On being requested by the guardians, the HM withdrew the Transfer order and has let them go with a warning. 

“I had sent a notice to all the guardians of the students. They had come to meet me today. We had a meeting and the students also apologised for their misbehavior. They have promised not to repeat any such misdeeds in the future. So, I have let them go with a warning as they had exams ahead,” said Sushankar Mistri said.


(Reported by Kartik Mallick, OTV)