Pradeep Pattanayak

She is polio-afflicted and confined to a wheelchair, but her ‘never-say-die’ attitude has earned her name and fame. Madhusmita Sahu is a wheelchair fencer, who participated in national-level wheelchair fencing competition last month and won gold and silver medals. 

Now her poverty is coming in the way of her participation in international events. 

Madhusmita is a resident of Dalang Rameshwarpur village under Dhamnagar block in Bhadrak district.

She contracted polio at the age of just five months. Then everyone around said her whole world would be confined to a wheelchair. 

But she proved them wrong. With her strong determination, willpower, and ‘never-say-die- attitude she took up wheelchair fencing and started to shine.

Last month she participated in the national-level wheelchair fencing competition held in Haryana and won gold and silver medals. 

Now she wants to participate in an international wheelchair fencing competition to be held in Thailand. But for this, she has to undergo special training and buy some equipment worth lakhs of rupees. As of now, she is under mental stress thinking about where she would arrange the money. The only government help she is receiving is the disability pension and PDS rice. 

She says she could fulfill her dream of participating in international events if some kind–hearted persons extend a helping hand. 

“My father is a poor potter. He runs our family by making earthen pots. He can’t arrange the money required to participate in the international-level competition. I urge the people of Odisha to help me financially,” appealed Madhusmita.


(Reported by Partha Sarathi Nayak)