Pradeep Pattanayak

Those who have a sweet tooth and a special liking for ‘rasagola’ sold particularly in Pahala on the Cuttack-Bhubaneswar highway have to loosen their purse strings as these juicy round-shaped sweets have become dearer from today. 

Pahala Sweet Traders’ Association said they have no other way but to increase the price of sweets items following the hike in the price of milk and cottage cheese. 

After closing down their shops for three days in protest against the price hike of milk and cottage cheese, the association decided to open the shops but with the hiked price of the sweet items. 

As per the new rate, customers have to pay an extra one rupee for a ‘rasagola’. While the price of per unit ‘rasagola’ was earlier Rs 5, it is now being sold at Rs 6. Similarly, the prices of the bigger-sized ‘rasagolas’ have also gone up. Their prices have gone from Rs 10 and Rs 20 to Rs 12 and Rs 25 respectively. 

Similarly, the price of ‘chhenagaja’, another favourite sweet item, has also been hiked. Instead of Rs 200 a kilogram, it is now being sold at Rs 220. ‘Chhenapoda’ now costs Rs 280 a kilogram, instead of Rs 250.