Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Bhograi MLA Ananta Das on Sunday had to face an embarrassing situation when the residents of Hudapal village in Balasore district staged a massive protest and didn’t allow him to inaugurate an irrigation project in the area. Das reportedly returned disappointed after being unable to unveil the project. 

As per reports, the Water Resource Department provided Rs 2.14 crore for the development of canal facilities in the area. Following the completion of the project, Bhograi MLA Ananta Das had come to the village for its inauguration.

However, the villagers staged a massive protest against Das by stating different issues. They didn’t allow Das to inaugurate the project. They even inaugurated the project by themselves by breaking coconuts in front of the sitting MLA. As a result, Das had to return from the village without inaugurating the project amid embarrassment. 

“Though we are from BJD, we were not allowed to work on the project. Workers of the Congress party were given the contract to complete the project. This is why we didn’t allow the MLA to inaugurate the project,” said a protestor.

However, no comments could be obtained from Das in this regard.