Vikash Sharma

Odisha Labour and ESI Minister Sarada Prasad Nayak is once again in the news. This time Nayak has hogged the headline for reportedly showering money during a qawwali programme organised at a hotel in Sundargarh district.

While it is not clear why the minister showered money on the qawwali singer Anis Sabri’s programme, it has sparked debate on the conduct of Sarada Nayak ahead of the crucial 2024 elections. This has provided an opportunity for the opposition BJP and Congress to target Sarada Nayak over such conduct in public place.

Many people say that such scenes of showering money are quite common in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country. However, it is rare for a backward area in Odisha. The video of Sarada Nayak showering money during the qawwali programme organised by the local Muslim Youth Committee has now gone viral on social media.

Sundargarh MLA and BJP MLA Kusum Tete said, “It is said that such incident of showering money during qawwali is common. But if the minister has showered money, it shows that there is no dearth of money on the part of the state government.”

Tete further said, “It doesn’t look good to shower money as we consider it to be Lakshmi and it doesn’t auger well. Dancing at any event is nothing wrong. But such an incident of insulting money is not good for a public representative. In Odisha ministers, MLAs and others have no role or say as they are now behind the Secretary. There is no democracy in the state.”


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