Manoj Kumar Jena

In a gruesome incident, a man allegedly beheaded his wife on suspicion of infidelity and reached the police station with the severed head to surrender. 

The incident took place at Bidapaju village under Banigochha police station limits in Daspalla of Nayagarh district. 

The accused has been identified as Arjun Bagha.  

According to sources, Arjun was suspecting that his wife was having an extra-marital affair. The couple quarreled over this matter many times in the past.  

Today, Arjun had an altercation with his wife when he lost his cool and attacked his wife with an axe. As a result, his wife’s head was severed from her body. Then Arjun carried the severed head in a bag to the police station and surrendered in front of the cops. 

The police immediately seized the bag, detained Arjun and started questioning him. 

The gruesome incident sent a shockwave in the locality. The police have initiated a probe into the matter.