Rashmi Rekha Das

Love has become selfish now-a-days with girls being often accused of falling in love with the status of men. Besides, status and wealth seem to have become the hallmark of love. 

Amid all these notions and accusations, a girl from Odisha has given a befitting reply to all those who have nurtured such a notion by marrying her long-time beau Sadan despite being very much aware of his disability. 

Despite objection from her parents and relatives, Nilamati married her love Sadan who got his left leg amputated some months back.

Hailing from Baladihi village of Patamunda Panchayat in Sundargarh district, Nilamati Nayak and Sadan Nayak fell in love with each other five years back. Sadan was not one-legged then. He was leading a normal life and looking after his family. 

Six months back, Sadan became ill and developed a wound on his leg which aggravated day by day. Infection on his leg spread to the entire leg and he had to amputate his leg on doctor’s advice, sources said.

When Sadan became disabled, Nilamati’s parents asked her not to marry Sadan. Nilamati did not pay heed to her parents’ words and came to Sadan in the ignorance of her family. Then both of them got married and started living together.

Apart from Nilamati, Sadan’s father Sidhu Nayak at the age of 80 is taking care of his ailing son. He works as a daily labourer so that he can meet the medical expenses of his son, and the family.

It is learnt that Sadan’s family is finding it hard to get a handful of rice in absence of ration card. Besides, he is deprived of getting disability allowance. Moreover, he is yet to avail a pucca house under government scheme. 

Sadan said, “My leg got infected due to a wound. I went to Koida hospital but doctors referred me to Rourkela Hospital where doctors amputated the infected leg. Earlier, I used to support my family financially. Now, I am helpless.”

Nilamati said, “We were in love. When he became ailing, I did not give a second thought and came to him so that I can take care of him.”

Social worker Badal Barik said, "Though the Odisha government claims to have launched many projects for the wellbeing of needy people, person like Sadan is yet to be benefitted from any of the yojnas. I would like to urge the state government to provide him a house and wheelchair so that he can run his family happily."

When contacted, local tehsildar Subhadarshi Joshi said, “Block administration will conduct an inquiry and he will be provided all sorts of help.”